Light ‘Em Up

The next step in our kitchen…get rid of the celing fan!  We had a modern ceiling fan, that really didn’t fit the feel of our kitchen.

We knew we wanted mason jar lights, but our inspiration came from a vintage enameled washtub basin while browsing at one of our favorite consignment shops:  Snyder’s Second Chances.

Ken got to work researching and wiring (instructions to come soon).  These are the bulbs and the sockets Ken used after much research and some trial and error.

It was so fun to Light ’em Up!


Fundraising? Use Conshy Connects!

The origins of Conshy Consignment were actually rooted in our passion for sustainable fundraising and we continue that tradition even today with Conshy Connects!

Conshy Connects!  was our solution to finding a fundraising option that was inclusive, community-oriented, sustainable, and green.  We have raised thousands of dollars for non-profits chosen by our consignors.

How can you fundraise?  Community members donate items to be sold on behalf of their registered charity or non-profit.  Once a non-profit is registered, anyone can donate items that have resale value.  Conshy Consignment does the work, and writes the check to the non-profit you feel strongly about.

Make sure your charity or non-profit is registered and start fundraising today.  This is an easy way to make sure your donated items are going toward a cause you believe in!

Contact us today to register the organization you are passionate about, or drop off items to an organization already registered!

A few years ago, Words and Things did a great blog piece on what we do . . .visit Kate’s blog and take a look!

Here are just a few already registered:

Friends of the Conshohocken Free Library

Colonial Neighborhood Council and Meals on Wheels


Cradles to Crayons

American Cancer Society

Feel the Warmth

Justice Rescue



And the Number One Question . . . How do I consign?

The number one question we get here at Conshy Consignment:

How do I consign?

Every consignment shop is a little different, so we are going to specifically address how we consign here at Conshy Consignment. No matter where you consign, please make sure you are comfortable with the terms of consignment. There are plenty of options out there for selling your items, there is no reason to settle for terms you are not comfortable with!

Consignment means you, the consignor, gives goods to Conshy Consignment to sell on your behalf.  The consignor receives a percentage of the sale at the end of the consignment period.  Conshy Consignment consigns for a 60 day period, and offers commissions starting at 40%.

Since we are an online store, we offer a free pick up service to most locations in Eastern Pa (Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia areas).  Just send us a message via text or email to confirm your items are acceptable for consignment.  Once we determine if your items have good resale value (see our website for more details), we will schedule a pick up (we have movers for furniture items).

At your consignment appointment, you will sign our consignment contract, provide your contact information for online access, and let us know where you would like your check sent at the end of the 60 days.

Conshy Consignment does all the work from here . . . you can follow along with real time access to your account or you can just sit back and cash your check at the end of the 60 days.  The choice is yours.

Stay tuned for details on maximizing your earnings, top earning items, and a video of a standard consignment appointment!


“Good Eggs”

My mom has an antique tin “CANDY” sign above her sink in the kitchen.  I love it.  Although my mom would give us the shirt off her back, the “CANDY” sign is off limits (yes, I have asked).

So, as per our previous post, we made our own sign.  After shopping, and aimlessly wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby, we presented the kids with the opportunity to design one.  As usual, they were much more insightful than I could have imagined.

Hence, the “Good Eggs” sign that now adorns our kitchen wall.  Not only does it look neat, it has an added significance, because the kids’ Grandfather Broggi always called them “Good Eggs”. Now we have an every day reminder of him, and his expectations and belief that they are in fact “Good Eggs”.

I did not realize the significance of this expression until I looked it up.  It was just something we said as a compliment, an off handed remark.    “Good Eggs” and “Bad Eggs” may look the same on the outside.  However, “Good Eggs” are just as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside.

Thanks to Emma and Avery, we now have a daily reminder of their late Grandfather Broggi and his expectation and belief that they are in fact, “Good Eggs”.

She is a custom piece….”Aunt Mare”

We always keep “project pieces” in stock in our furniture section.  Conshy Consignment has quite a few customers that buy pieces to refinish or repaint.  We love to see old items get a new life and a new family, and this is always a joy!

Much like a lot of our customers, we refinish and paint.   Many of our pieces are sold under the name ReFab West, check out our Pinterest board to see past items!  I love to look back at all the pieces we have created. . . each with its own name!

This featured piece is custom for my dear Aunt Mare who needed the perfect size nightstand.  Hence the name of this piece is “Aunt Mare”.  While it isn’t quite as lovely as my Aunt Mare, we sure hope she loves it!





Don’t Wait for a Sign . . .

Don’t wait for a sign . . . build one!

The kids and I took this literally the other day.  We went out to our barn, salvaged some fence posts, and built a sign.  We had been shopping for one for a while, but couldn’t quite find one that suited us, so we took matters into our own hands!

This got me to thinking:  What if I had waited for a sign to open Conshy Consignment?  The truth is, I would still be waiting.  I had already waited long enough, shopping around for a career that suited me.  So, much like the sign, I took matters into my own hands and created Conshy Consignment.  The first step was the hardest, and I will be sharing that in some of my posts about starting your own consignment shop.



Momentos….Don’t Consign Them!

Consignors are purging when they pay us a visit, but sometimes decluttering is more about what you are keeping, what “sparks joy”.   The beauty of decluttering and keeping the things that mean something, is you can really appreciate your true momentos.

My mother, Jane, started a great tradition with family momentos, and provides one for each of her 6 grandchildren on their birthdays.  These are momentos we will not consign or sell (and believe me, I sell anything, just ask Molly about the time I sold her desk chair while she was making tea in the backroom…)  My Mom had this momento and story for Emma this year on her 15th birthday.  What a treasure!



Our House…is Almost a Fine House

From time to time, you will see us post about projects around our house.  We have been here a year, and we are still getting settled.  It seems like we make sure everyone else has the right furniture and design and we definitely come last…but join us on our endeavor.  

We frequently buy from our consignors, or sell items as we remodel.  Today’s sale is our old cabinet knobs, which are lovely, but we needed a change.  They are round and 1 1/4″ diameter with a laurel design.

Shop our hardware now

Let’s start in the kitchen, it is outdated and not our style.  However, it is functional, and we really don’t see a reason to do a major overhaul.  We are trying some small updates to enhance the style and make it more our own.

Here is the before pic, which is cute, just not us:

We started yesterday, by swapping out the hardware for some crystal knobs to brighten it up.  It cost less than a dollar per knob and we are thrilled with the results. Here are the ones we used:

We also got some cling frosting for the glass cabinet door to hide our pots and pans.  Loving it!  I had only used the adhesive kind before, but the cling was inexpensive and easy to use, plus very forgiving!

The sconces on the light fixture were swapped out for mason jars and it is definitely starting to look more like us!

We have a way to go before the final reveal….but stay tuned.

We promised Ken he could do his own reveal of the central light fixture….he is making it out of a salvaged wash basin from local business Snyder’s Second Chances.

Top 5 Reasons to Consign

  1. Too much stuff! If your house is filled with things you no longer use, clothes that no longer fit or that you don’t wear, consigning is an easy way to get these items out of your way to make room for new things, or simply to have more space.  Maybe you read “It’s All To Much” or “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” both life changing books!
  2. Extra Cash! Instead of just throwing away items that you no longer need, consigning gives you the opportunity to turn those items into extra money easily.
  3. Environmentally Conscious! Consignment is a great way to help the environment by keeping goods that are still new or gently used out of landfills.  Not to mention saving someone from buying something new.
  4. Items find a new home! An old desk you have could be the perfect piece for someone else! The items you consign will always find a home where they are appreciated and valued.
  5. Hassle Free! The consignment process spares you the process of slowly selling your items when you could be getting rid of them all at once, and the items are out of sight and out of mind quickly and easily

Consignment gives you many opportunities to simplify your life in a way that is easy, safe for the environment, and provides you with a bit of extra income.

Shop Consignment Now!

Consignment awaits!

-submitted by Emma Broggi (a member of the Conshy Consignment Family)

Go Consign!

Go Consign!  We are happy to announce our new blog, all about one family and our consignment shops.  What a great way to make a living on consignment…join us on the adventure, get to know us and learn all about how to Go Consign!